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Taos -

Item: NE-162


This necklace/earring set features thirty-seven lampwork beads. Except for the complementary seed beads used for spacing, every bead was handmade one at a time on my torch at the Pratt Fine Arts Center.

For half of the beads I used copper green glass with a thin band of a very pale yellow glass around the middle which was then drizzled with pure silver droplets. After they cooled the beads were etched to a soft matte finish bringing out striations of reds and blues and greens.

The rest of the beads were made with a glass aptly named "Red Roof Tile". The silver on these beads interacted with the glass to produce the darkening that is so like that one can see on older Spanish hacienda style tiled roofs of the Southwest. Hence the name, "Taos" for this set ... a New Mexico town I have visited often and that I love.

The clasp and earrings are sterling silver.

Necklace Length: 18

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