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Five Bead Set -

Item: S-027

Description: These beads are replicas of 2,400 year old beads found in a burial mound in Siberia in 2004. The necklace is thought to have originated in the Middle East, possibly Egypt. To see the originals click this link (Be sure to read the comments at the end of the article, one of them debunks some of the myth-making the article contains.):

These replica beads have been very popular and are now made to order. Please be aware when ordering that because of the many steps required to get the antique look delivery may take up to four weeks.

You can order a set of 5 like those shown simply by clicking the Purchase Button for a secure PayPal checkout. Includes 1 large, 2 medium-large, and 2 medium beads.

If you prefer a different number of beads or a different combination of sizes, please email me at

Individual beads in the sizes depicted are priced at per bead:
Large $18.00
Medium-Large $14.00
Medium $12.00

Dimensions: Appx sizes are: Large - 18mm, Medium Large - 15mm, Medium - 13mm. All have a 3/32" hole.

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