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The Kiln-formed Glass Art Technique

As with lampworking, this process can be used to create many kinds of glass art, from purely decorative pieces to plates and bowls to components of jewelry. The basic technique involves selecting and cutting cold pieces of sheet glass of various colors and then arranging them in a design.

Sometimes frit (ground glass), thin rods of glass, and metals are also incorporated in the design. As the design is built up, it is lightly held in place with glue until complete. Then the whole assemblage is placed in a kiln and fired at temperatures up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. As the glass heats, the glue burns out and the glass begins to melt until it fuses together with the colors combining, yet not mixing, to become a single piece. In subsequent firings, the piece can be bent, draped, sagged, or slumped using a mold to add depth, relief and shape.

My focus in using the glass fusing technique is on pendants for jewelry...most often incorporating dichroic glass. The finished pendant represents a melding of the elements used in its making; the glass selected, the way it was designed, and the reaction of the different types of glass to each other as they are heated and fused in the kiln.

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